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At Dropsquad, it's personal. We match people and adventure - adjusted for availability, interests, and group personality.

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Life is too short to stay home.

The world is changing faster than ever. Meanwhile, you and many like you are missing out on your best opportunity to experience much of the world. The challenges of time, motivation, budgets, and planning are keeping you from living a more active, more inspired lifestyle. Dropsquad wants to change that.

Dropsquad is for those who want to fill their lives with stories of fun, adventure, and exploration. We're an adventure community built to get you onto your feet and into the world by surrounding you with people who inspire and motivate you.

How Dropsquad Ignites Adventure

Say hello to Gene. He's your Mission Director. -- He's also a robot.

Like an astronaut stepping on to a launch pad, Gene is there to help your adventure go smoothly. Gene works for your entire crew. His job is to help assemble your crew and guide you toward mission success. He helps coordinate everything around availability, interests, weather, and personality.

Plan Less. Do More.

Getting started is easy.

Join the Community

Start by answering some basic questions. Are you single, or in a relationship? What kind of experiences are you looking for? We'll start sending you personalized recommendations for trips, dates, and things to do in your area.

Tune Suggestions

Dropsquad is constantly learning and adapting to what gets you moving. Tell us what you like and dislike. We'll continue to refine our suggestions to what works for you. We'll send you notices of upcoming events we think you should go to.

Invite Squadmates

When you use Dropsquad with friends, family, or significant others it begins to work for all of you together.

You can also join other Dropsquad users in open groups for unique adventures.

Meet People. Bond. And Strengthen Ties Through Co-Adventure.

In our busy lives we sometimes grow distant from the people we care about. Friends and family relationships require work. Dropsquad makes staying close easier by recommending events, activities, and world adventure (if you want) based on personalities, time, budgets, and shared interests.

His Interests. Her Interests. Our Interests. We Keep it in Balance

Dropsquad is perfect for finding quality time together. We'll look specifically for things which you can do as a couple. We'll even remind you if it's been a while since you went out together.

Community-Powered. Built for Adventure.

Dropsquad is designed to connect you through experiences you like. It's a things-to-do engine, only way smarter. It takes in to consideration your personal priorities. Do you prefer to meet new people, or hang out with people you know? Is availablity a challenge? Dropsquad adapts to all of this and more.

Exclusive access.

At Dropsquad we think trust and safety is vital to forming successful groups. For this reason, Dropsquad is currently available by invitation only. Apply for access now to reserve a priority invitation. We will bring you into the fold as we grow.


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