Life in good company.

Find your new best friends: Dropsquad is changing how we travel, how we fly, and how we enjoy the outdoors. Dropsquad nudges compatible personalities toward shared experiences at home and abroad - all without any loss of freedom or flexibility.

Life is too short to stay home.

The world is changing faster than ever. Meanwhile, you and many like you are missing out on your best opportunity to experience much of the world. The challenges of time, motivation, budgets, and planning are keeping you from living a more active, more inspired lifestyle. Dropsquad wants to change that.

Dropsquad is for those who want to fill their lives with stories of fun, adventure, and exploration. We're an adventure community built to get you onto your feet and into the world by surrounding you with people who inspire and motivate you. The way it works is simple. You join the community where you find and share inspiration with others. This could be a specific trip, or an entire bucket list. Dropsquad works in the background to nudge compatible members towards commonly desired experiences. Before long, you'll find those dreams are a lot closer than you think.


Making plans on short notice is no problem. We'll help direct you toward others making similar plans so that you can find each other.


Flights, Sites, and Shenanigans: Start a group or join one in progress at any point in your trip. Whether you want lots of company or you're looking to meet someone for lunch and conversation, Dropsquad will adapt to your style and preferences.


Group suggestions are built around you. Dropsquad considers your preferred group size, venues, interestes, and itinerary to create the best experience.

Flexibility at all stages of adventure. It's your trip, done your way.

Mix & Match: It's all up to you. Make any combination of group and solo experiences at any point along the way.

Exclusive access.

At Dropsquad we think trust and safety is vital to forming successful groups. For this reason, Dropsquad is currently available by invitation only. Apply for access now to reserve a priority invitation. We will bring you into the fold as we grow.


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