Go Together: For Travel, Weekends, and More.

Let the plans come naturally. Find your next adventure.

Life is too short to stay home.

The world is changing faster than ever. Meanwhile, you and many like you are missing out on your best opportunity to experience much of the world. The challenges of time, motivation, budgets, and planning are keeping you from living a more active, more inspired lifestyle. Dropsquad wants to change that.

Dropsquad is for those who want to fill their lives with stories of fun, adventure, and exploration. We're an adventure community built to get you onto your feet and into the world by surrounding you with people who inspire and motivate you.

Meet people, bond, and strengthen ties through co-adventure.

In our busy lives we sometimes grow distant from the people we care about. Friends and family relationships require work. Dropsquad makes staying close easier by recommending events, activities, and world adventure (if you want) based on personalities, time, budgets, and shared interests.


Exclusive access.

At Dropsquad we think trust and safety is vital to forming successful groups. For this reason, Dropsquad is currently available by invitation only. Apply for access now to reserve a priority invitation. We will bring you into the fold as we grow.


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